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MOSHVILLE: The Fiascos – Live at Bannermans, Edinburgh

We have The Fiascos from London up first. The bass and drums herald the bouncing “Destroy the Radio” from their 2017 2-track EP. This is a romptastic hook-laden modern punk track and a great crowd-warming opener. Another stomper, “Built for Speed” follows, swiftly succeeded by “Olivia” from the same EP. The tracks have hints of the pop punk side of The Buzzcocks, The Clash even Foo Fighters at their comic best.

The band have you bouncing about with their brand of catchy punk pop, with the likes of “Seen your Face Before” “I Don’t Think So”. The catchy “Until I Sleep” from this year’s new EP kicks in a bit like Lit meets Sum 41. The vocals are ably swapped about with the band with Richie, Keef and Ben all taking turns with Robin on fine form at the rear on the drums. The band finish up this short but very enjoyable set with “Inspiration” and they really are.

This is a band destined to be up there with the American pop punk brigade. They are a joy to watch and listen to – check out the EP’s and the official videos. The forthcoming album will launch them in no uncertain terms, if tonight is anything to go by.

UBERROCK: The Fiascos – ‘Destroy The Radio’ (Self-Released)

 What a tight little beat combo with a huge sound – and when I say huge I mean HUGE! A catchy as f*ck (what else were you expecting with these guys?) double A side CD single (also available digitally). It’s got a hook big enough to snag an orca.  Two singles in and already I want that album.  Can’t split these two but if I really had to, I might go for the aa side of ‘Until I Sleep’: single of the month? You bet it is! You know where to click.

PURERAWK: The Fiascos – Destroy Your Radio / Until I Sleep

I’m pretty sure most of our long time readers will know these pissed-up reprobates by now, if not through their current Fiascoid incarnation, then through previous outfits Kitty Hudson and Dead Identities. There is no revolutionary deviation from either of those hi-energy pop/punk templates here, with Keef Gibbs and Richie Hudson taking turns on vocal duties and guitars, Ben Lawson (Spizzenergi) on bass and the inevitable Robin Guy (All Bands Ever) on drums, but why change a winning formula?

High octane, high speed and a dangerously high alcohol content, The Fiascos are your new party band. Catch the video on YouTube or purchase from their website.

UBERROCK: The Fiascos – Built For Speed (Self Released)

You ever wondered what happened to good time punk rock and roll? Well wonder no more because in the absence of bands like The Yo- Yo’s and The Loyalties that gap will be nicely filled by the very talented The Fiascos, and with these two tracks available from their Bandcamp page you should certainly try before you buy and click on the link as soon as. ‘Built For Speed’ is a sprightly catchy hook riddled slab of how to make a feelgood three minutes of power poppin’ punk rock. On the virtual other side (this is a digital release only sadly) is ‘Olivia’ and this tune is pretty much more of the same with a great arrangement and a catchy as f**k chorus. This is a most welcome blast of loud guitar and superstars.


Short, sharp and sugary sweet, The Fiascos have the perfect cure for dreariness, for those times when all you want to do is jump up and down with a silly grin glued to your face.


The new single from The Fiascos arrived at Rockbrat HQ and it’s a corker.  If you dig old school ‘77 style punk with a modern edge and infectious pop overtones – look no further than this lot.  Melodic pop punk with hooks galore and catchy as, ‘Olivia’ is instantly likeable. If you dig The Wildhearts / Hey Hello  – this is right up your alley. It’s a rifforama, yet also super melodic, with layered harmony vocals and sing along chorus too. Why ain’t I hearing this on the radio ?  ‘Built For Speed’ is on the flipside and it’s also a killer tune. Faster tempo yet still super melodic, complete with a spoken word breakdown. I was a big fan of both the New Bomb Turks and Turbo AC’s, and if you need a reference point, this tune sits somewhere in between – yet I can also hear a lot of Honest John Plain in this tune as well. That’s a good thing in my book!  The guitars on both tracks are way up front, with Richie and Keef both rippin’ guitar players. These cats hail from Croydon, South London (only a short double decker bus ride from where Mr Rockbrat and I used to live in Bromley) and they have a web site where you can pick up these killer tunes for the generous price of only a quid per song. They also have a facebook page so you can also keep track of any gigs. Can’t wait for an album. Recommended!


The Fiascos hail from London England and they play power pop punk. 1977 Style.
They have a single out ‘Built For Speed’ backed with ‘Olivia’. This is old school melodic punk. Reminiscent of ‘The Buzzcocks’, ‘The Clash’, ‘The Jam’ and early ‘Squeeze’. The songs are melodic, fun and Bad Ass. Loud & Fast. Catchy. Guitar Driven. Everything you want in a Rock Song. They even mention Johnny Thunders in ‘Built For Speed’.

I like these guys, and I look forward to hearing more. A lot more. I hope they will be coming to NYC and a town near you. The Fiascos are the real deal. I can always tell when a band means what they say, and the Fiascos are living it. These guys are living the Rock n Roll Lifestyle. They are not a group of suburban shopping mall posers. – Dennis Morgillo


The new Fiascos single… I’ve gotta say f**king great job guys… my single of the week, It’s just great when I get something like this in my inbox… and I’m sat there for half an hour thinking, HELL YEAH I love this… 3 minutes and 19 seconds of olympiad music… a band you’re gonna be hearing a lot more on shock treatment rock radio…
Anyone that says that the rock n’ roll scene is dead in the uk I could reel off a list of bands like The Fiascos, Eureka Machines, Tropical Contact, Ginger Wildheart, Role Models, The Main Grains, Dirtbox Disco and umpteen more that are writing great powerpop punk rock rock n’ roll tunes and its great as a DJ to fill my show up with what is current and new. – Reverend Eddi


The Fiascos are a punk band originating from Croydon, South London. These southerners thrive off the essence of 1970’s raw punk enthusiasm and style to create playful power pop punk rhythms and tunes. With high octane bass lines and rapid drum sections the band have created four new singles which will entertain.
Primarily the band utilize catchy hooks in an aim to imitate the rebellious persona of the punk ideals. The use of a simple 3 chord structure allows for the band to elevate the common pop song construction to make their songs fun. ‘Built for Speed’ is an example of this. With its vigorous hooks the song becomes a playful and bouncy three-minute punk rock tune. The band have managed to form a cohesive balance between a fast-tempo track which is still harmonious which is completed with a spoken word breakdown. Overall the song is short, sharp and sweet. The Fiascos through their mischievous lyrics chase away any thoughts of dreariness with at tune which makes you want to jump up and down.

‘Olivia’ in contrast is a song more so inspired by the old school melodic punk. With comparable structures to ‘The Buzzcocks’, ‘The Clash’ and early ‘Squeeze’ the band aim to evoke excitement for the listeners with infectious pop overtones. Again the song has a common arrangement with a singalong chorus. Conflicting blasts of loud guitars are layered with harmonious vocals to create an accessible song to sing to. The Fiascos aim to replicate the 70s style of punk. Its blatantly obvious that the band are styled around the era of rebellion and ruckus. It can be argued that the bands attempt to mirror the attitudes of the 70s punk ideals is too over the top causing the songs like Olivia to be overpowering. However, it can be argued that the bands melodic merge of pop punk hooks and stereotypical catchy pop chords shows that the band are trying to update their sound for a more modernize punk rocker. The use of common licks makes Olivia a likeable track. The modern edge provided by the infectious poppy bounce provides relief and an air of freshness to the band’s sound.
‘Destroy the Radio’ and ‘Until I sleep’ again reuse the format of repetitive chords to upkeep a vigorous back drop for their vocals. Hitting on topics such as media poisoning our minds and alcoholism the fiascos try to touch on societal issues through raging against social norms.

The Fiascos songs are melodic, fun and energetic. The Fiascos are loud, fast and abrupt making them easy to dance along to. Their singalong choruses allow their audience to join in with the fun tracks happily. If you wanting a band which will stir hatred and raw energy like Motörhead then this probably isn’t the band for you. If you want a party anthem to head bang or rock out to then give the band a listen.



This is quite an interesting line-up: Members of BRIJITTE WEST, KITTY HUDSON, RACHEL STAMP, SHAM 69… getting together to offer us high quality punk rock’n’roll.
Only two songs on here: “Built For Speed”, that sounds a bit as if SOCIAL DISTORTION were born in the UK, and “Olivia” which has a cool powerpop vibe with a bit of WILDHEARTS elegantly thrown in.
Apparently, the band started to tour after 6 rehearsals, and recorded half an album in 55 minutes, so good chances are we will hear more from them very soon!
We’ll definitely keep an eye on these London cats!/Laurent C.


OK Let’s get stuck into some really good classic rock n roll now.